The Pnyx in Yasenevo

Anna Goga diploma project, MARCHI, 2016
model of Yasenevo, 1975

Yasenevo is an example of an area with a linear centre - a boulevard planned as the neighbourhood’s community centre. It is currently dead land surrounded by people, but having all the prerequisites for becoming the public nucleus of the micro-district. To activate the boulevard an architectural park is sunk into the site, consisting of various architectural forms intended to provoke a person to action. The forms create the possibility of being filled and their main goal is to be interactive, creating a platform for action. The target audience of this architecture is the person, the scale of the body.

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MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute)

LOCATION Yasenevo boulevard, Moscow, Russia

YEAR 2016

STATUS diploma project

PROGRAM public space, cultural, retail, landscape


TUTORS Yury Grigoryan, Marko Mihic Jeftic, Julia Ardabyevskaya