Multifunctional residential house, 2018 — p.t.

The old 'Spectrum' paint factory is becoming a hyperblock with the yardstreet elements inside. In the centre of the new quarter, there are six buildings of the Mamontov Brothers factory. Unfortunately, we couldn't manage to preserve all the historical buildings.

Between the buildings emerges a maze of new alleys, micro-parks, and squares. The first floor of the quarter is a totally permeable community with a common materiality inside and out. The colourful interior of the continuous city was created with clinker bricks, coloured concrete, mettlach tiles and terracotta, original or restored details in brass, cast iron and wood, with plaster and frescoes on the walls.

The upper city's facade stands on the brick factory floor. Residential towers take up square meters, cumulate development. High density of apartments is concentrated in two spots of two and six towers. The planes of the facades are transparent where the views from the apartments overlook the city — along 1905 year Street, towards the zoo and Moscow River.

'Spectrum' is a mixed-use residential quarter. Apart from a high number of apartments, it holds public spaces, fitness, retail, a theatre building, a pool with a green roof, a school, and a mind gym. The new environment meets a person's wish for self-development.


LOCATION 12, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya St., Moscow


YEAR 2018 — p. t.

STATUS under construction

PROGRAM multifunctional residential house

AREA site 4,43 ha; total 142 993 sq. m; residential 97 517 sq. m; apartments 72 275 sq. m; commercial 5335 sq. m


Y. Grigoryan

Head architect: V. Karovsky

Architects: A. Belinskaya, A. Egarmina, S. Gelain, V. Kapustin, T. Kornienko, D. Nikishin, A. Salko, F. Sechkin, I. Shmeleva, G. Tsebrenko, A. Zelikin

Model: Y. Kuznetsov, D. Kagdin

Interns: V. Bikeeva, A. Goga, L. Sabanadze, O. Tarasova, D. Zhiltsov