Public Space

studio at Strelka Institute, 2010-2011

First year’s research of Strelka Institute was focused on the city. Projects ranged from local subjects: preservation of local architectural heritage and creation of public spaces, to more widescale ones: reorientation of the country’s energy sector and the thinning out of the Russian regions.

The goal of the Public Space Studio's research, led by Yury Grigoryan and Michael Schindhelm, was to produce a snapshot of public space in the Russian context — vast expanses of open space and architecture of improvisation. The theme looks at public space in the Russian context – the vast expanses of open space that are the legacy of monumental Soviet planning, and the architecture of improvisation that the arrival of the market economy prompted in these spaces.

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YEAR 2010-2011

DIRECTORS Yury Grigoryan, Michael Schindhelm

SUPERVISOR Fedor Novikov

STUDENTS Anna Butenko, Andrei Goncharov, Maria Gulieva, Daria Nuzhnaya, Sergey Shoshin, Jezi Stankevich, Anna Trapkova