Polytech museum

competition, 2013

Five squares on three pillars represent five “knowledge platforms.” The essence of the project is a new type of public space and a new approach to the learning process: a journey through the past and present of the world of science. The starting point of the journey is the open square adjacent to Lomonosovsky Prospekt. From here, the promenade leads up from one platform to another and farther on—to the rooftop terrace overlooking Moscow. The building itself becomes a functioning science laboratory, inviting the audience to interact with it. The structure of the “platforms of knowledge,” resembling a stack of books open to different pages, makes the borders between the thematic areas porous. The unexpected organization of internal routes creates tension peculiar to scientific research and education and leaves no room for boredom. This structure intertwines the paths and inspires new connections, leaps through the spaces of knowledge, research, and opportunities. 

- - - - 

LOCATION Lomonosovsky prospeсt, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT he Development fund of the Polytechnic Museum

YEAR 2013

STATUS competition

AREA 46 300 sq. m.

PROGRAM museum

TEAM Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova

E. Uglovskaya

D. Apalkova, A. Frolova, A. Kvirkveriya, D. Kamysheva, Y. Kuznetsov, M. Mihic Eftic

CONSORTIUM TEAM John McAslan+Partners, Buro Happold