Levshinskiy 7

residential house, 2017–p.t.
Facade tile types
Cladding variations

«Levshinsky» is three buildings set within seven gardens. A common hall, park and subterranean garage link a two-storey historical house and red tenement building with a new white building. The rhombuses of its ceramic cladding have two types — relief and counter-relief — that fit into a complex pattern with shadows changing depending on the position of the sun. This means that the building can look equally like a faceted palazzo or an iridescent cloud.

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LOCATION Moscow, Maly Levshinsky Pereulok, 7
YEAR 2017 – p. t.
STATUS suspended
PROGRAM residential
AREA 10 352 sq. m.
Y. Grigoryan, I. Kuleshov
Head architect: T. Lagotska
Architects: V. Kapustin, V. Karovsky, E. Kartashova, E. Khrekina, S. Shalkevich, S. Tkachenko