Kursovoy 12

competition, 2013

The building is constructed as a rack, with residential modules stacked on the shelves. The vertical axis of the building is the vector along which the morphology of the apartments develops: from studios to urban villas on the top floors. With every level, the form of plan increasingly deviates from the orthogonal structure; the curvature of the glass curtains begins to be reflected in the form of cylinders. The complexity of the form allows for experiments with the layout of the floors, so various types and sizes of apartments can be mixed at all the levels of the house. 

- - - - 

LOCATION 12 Kursovoy lane, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Business master company

YEAR 2013

STATUS competition

PROGRAM residential


Y. Grigoryan

A. Staborovsky

S. Grigoryan, N. Orehova