Imperia Tower

competition, 2013

The new structure of the Imperia Tower Complex is independent of the main tower. There is an outdoor swimming pool on the roof with a walking deck. The water surface is visible from the windows of the apartments and offices in the skyscrapers. The pool is also visible from inside the building, through the portlights in the ceiling of the multi-story area. The city room is 20 meters high, overlooked by the top windows of the most prestigious office buildings; from here, you can see people floating in the rooftop pool, as in Chagall’s Square by V. Petrenko. The built-in garage occupies the unlighted heart of the building on floors 2 to 6. 

- - - - 
LOCATION Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2013
STATUS competition
PROGRAM office, public space
TEAM Y. Grigoryan, A. Pavlova
M. Beilin, D. Nikishin
A. Frolova, M. Fedorova, D. Kamysheva, M. Mihic Eftic, G. Soshnikov