City Room

Vlad Kapustin diploma project, 2016

The City Room is a type of open house in the form of a rectangular space, with a plan-view relative size of 60 x 120 m and an average height of 40 m. The interior of the City Room is part of the urban space, which is usually achieved through holes of different sizes. Some of the holes can be walked through; the remainder provide light for the internal space. The holes are almost always completely open. In terms of its purpose, the City Room is a public, multi-functional, cultural and educational centre; a place where people can spend their leisure time, attend concerts, dances and rehearsals, spend evenings, listen to lectures, hold meetings, and so on. The City Room is always open. The main functional content is located on the perimeter of the rectangular space. Often a fireplace is located in the centre of the City Room, to provide heating during the cold season.

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MARCHI (Moscow Architectural Institute)
LOCATION Basmannaya square, Moscow, Russia
YEAR 2016
STATUS diploma project
PROGRAM public space, cultural, retail
TUTORS Yury Grigoryan, Marko Mihic Jeftic, Julia Ardabyevskaya
STUDENT Vlad Kapustin