Meganom pavilion, 2007

Our exposition has turned the entrance to the Central House of Artist into a temporary pavilion. A meter-thick wall isolated the front porch from the street and the park and created an internal space. Through a long narrow gap cut in the wall on an eye level, one could observe the insides of the pavilion, and through the door at the flat end of the wall, one could get inside, climb the steps and go to the Archmoscow, passing through the Meganom exposition.

Architectural models were standing inside the pavilion on several pedestals-islands. The high plate of the temporary wall served as a screen for a film about our projects in Sochi, Istra and Moscow. A white wax model of a village in Krasnaya Polyana stood in the centre of the pavilion, in each of its faceted houses there was a small lamp. The model was giving a dimmed light, like a night lamp. Models of the yacht club on Balchug island in Moscow, the Depository of the Museum of Architecture and the resdidential house in Khilkov Lane were folded of perforated metal sheets and also gave a little light from the inside. The aluminum skeleton of a spa resort in Istra was suspended in the air on an invisible frame.

Street light made its way into the darkened pavilion through a narrow peephole and several square windows, punched in the upper part of the wall.

- - - -

LOCATION Russia, Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10 (Central House of Artist)

CLIENT Expo-Park

YEAR 2007

STATUS complete

PROGRAM pavilion and exposition

AREA 130 sq. m.


Y. Grigoryan, P. Ivanchikov, A. Pavlova, I. Kouleshov 

PHOTO A. Knyazev