Gorky Park

masterplan and pavilions, 2014-2015

The masterplan of Gorky Park consolidates the entire set of ideas and concepts that emerged in the Park’s new life: increasing the amount of greenery, clearing the area from buildings and restoring the structure of the landscape. What is new for the Park is the radical principle of concentrating of the active forms of recreation in the waterfront zone and creating a cultural site zone in the landscape park in the heart of the territory. This strategy is meant to protect the Park from another wave of becoming overrun with illegal structures in the future. The strategy of consolidation and concentration produces three new sites: a linear entrance square at Leninsky Prospekt, a sports center, and a restaurant pavilion—a pergola on the embankment. 

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LOCATION 9, Krimsky val, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Gorky Park

YEAR 2014-2015

STATUS project

PROGRAM masterplan, landscape, public space, sport, restaurant

TEAM A. Staborovsky, Y. Grigoryan, I. Kuleshov

N. Orehova, S. Grigoryan, D. Gutyrchik, A. Zinoviev, E. Hrekina, A. Kamyshan, A. Morozov, V. Solovyev