Dvorulitsa* Yardstreet project

new type of urban public space, 2016-2017

The Yardstreet Project has been developed within the framework of the educational program of the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy). The purpose of the project is to bring the diversity of urban life to Moscow’s peripheral areas without discrediting the heritage of soviet mass housing, but working with it, maintaining the uniqueness of the environment established.

Preliminary research showed that the incoherent and low-density living environment of the Moscow periphery offers great potential for the formation of new spatial relations. It would be difficult to create a traditional city street here—and there is no need in that; such environment provokes the emergence of a new type of street: a street-and-yard or a “yardstreet”.

The yardstreet is a new type of urban public space. It is a pedestrian street that appears within the boundaries of the existing street lot lines. With its complex spatial organization and a variety of social functions, the yardstreet makes the scattered block more compact, uniting its disparate parts. The yardstreet is both transit and place; architecture and landscape; a yard and a street.

Identifying these relationships in an existing residential environment requires a gentle attitude. To this end, a method of working with the urban fabric was invented: the so-called “thawing method”.

The yardstreet prototype and the method of its creation are inspired by Moscow, but the thawing principles are potentially applicable in other cities with similar types of residential development.

Currently the work on the project continues.

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LOCATION Moscow, Russia
CLIENT self-initiated
YEAR ongoing
STATUS project
PROGRAM research, masterplan, landscape, public space
Y. Grigoryan
A. Shlyakhovaya