Black & Simpson

scenography, 2015

Scenography for the play Black & Simpson, Praktika theare, director Kazimir Liske

"At the foundation of the text «Black & Simpson» is a tragedy, and it as if it is present on stage the whole time, and together with it are two actors. The decorations need to work for two human bodies: we give them not only a background, but an object that is purely utilitarian, and the actors can use it how they want. It is a tool for a dialogue, but also a challenge for the actors, as the decorations cannot be ignored. And this, in my view, should be the whole of set design".

                                            Yury Grigoryan

- - - - 

LOCATION Praktika Theater, Moscow, Russia

CLIENT Praktika Theater

YEAR 2015

STATUS built

PROGRAM set design

TEAM Y. Grigoryan

PHOTO Praktika Theater